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Life’s An Illusion

Here is a new song and video called 'Life's An Illusion'. The video stars one of our favourite artists Jade Blood who also designed our upcoming album artwork.


'Play Along' Why Don't You

It's out! It's released! It's for you to purchase if you desire from HERE or iTunes, Amazon etc etc and all good participating record stores.

Play Along - The 4th album from The Sorry Kisses

2015 sees the Sorry Kisses release their fourth album - Play Along.
Recorded at their home studio between August and November 2014, the album features ten tracks with all of the Sorry Kisses' trademark sounds present.
Beautiful fuzzed-up guitars and walls of soaring harmonies compete with the new arsenal of gnarly synth belches and Micah Calabrese's inventive drum-werk.


1. Play Along 
2. Nothing To Lose  
3. Into The Fire 
4. Something About The World   
5. I'll Never Know   
6. Wine And Flowers   
7. Here Is The Place  
8. Out Of Reach   
9. Turned Into A Ghost   
10. Miracle   

The Sorry Kisses are something of a cottage industry, having recorded three well-received albums of alternative rock from their home studio, the 'Factory Of Unprofessional Sound' in North Yorkshire.

The band have kept an authentic homespun feel and have been allowed to expand their fuzz-pop sound with backwards guitars, stuttering drum machines and multi-tracked harmonies., comprising the acclaimed solo performer Hayley Hutchinson and Sam Forrest from Nine Black Alps.  

The band have released three full length albums on their Desert Mine Music label - 'Hard Drive', 'Um And Ah' and 'Keep Smiling' - gaining exposure in the form of a BBC6 Marc Riley session and a song featured on the hit US drama Grey's Anatomy.

The band have been publicly "quiet of late" as they record their album, with Micah Calabrese - formerly of Giant Drag - who came over to the UK from Los Angeles to lay down some drums. Those who have been following The Sorry Kisses since 2006 will remember Micah played on our the band's first recording, 'Hard Drive', in California. "It's only taken nearly eight years to be reunited again" says Forrest.

Fitting in a soundtrack for the indie movie CrimeFighters in 2010 among their many albums, The Sorry Kisses are now gaining speed again: "We're holed up in our home studio at the moment working on ten tracks that will eventually end up on an album, our first full length album since 'Keep Smiling'. It's been awesome to have Micah involved this time and it finally feels like a proper band record and we can't wait to share it."

Turned Into A Ghost

Here is a new video for the song 'Turned Into A Ghost' from the forthcoming album 'Play Along' which is released on February 23rd. It was recently played on Marc Riley's BBC 6 music radio show.

To pre-order the album on CD (Ltd number available) go HERE!

The New Album - Play Along - Available To Pre-Order

February 2015 release for The Sorry Kisses' Play Along album

The Sorry Kisses have announced the release of their brand new album 'Play Along'.

The album which was recorded between August and October in 2014, will be released on February 23rd and is now available for preorder via the Desert Mine shop.

It is available on limited edition compact disc and as a digital download, and all preorders will receive a free download of the band's cover of Neil Young's 'Don't Let It Bring You Down'.

Featuring the return of Giant Drag's Micah Calabrese to the drum stool, the album includes ten tracks written by Sorry Kisses core members Hayley Hutchinson and Nine Black AlpsSam Forrest.

From the raw power of 'Into The Fire' to the heartbroken harmony laden swoon of 'Here Is The Place', 'Play Along' is their fourth full length album and features their most adventurous soundscapes yet. 

Check out the brand new video for the song 'Wine And Flowers' below. 

New Album Art

This is pretty exciting. We can reveal our 4th album artwork courtesy of Matt Davies http://www.matt-davies.co.uk/ who is also known for his iconic Nine Black Alps 'Everything Is' album cover.

Our new record is called 'Play Along' and features 10 new tracks. We hope to release it on a ltd run of CDs as well as download. More details to follow soon.

Recording Album Four

We've been quiet of late but we've been recording another album. Micah Calabrese formerly of Giant Drag has come over to the UK from Los Angeles to hit the drums for this one. Those who have been following our music since 2006 will remember Micah played on our first recording 'Hard Drive' when we were in California. It's only taken nearly 8 years to be re-united again. We're holed up in our home studio at the moment working on 10 tracks that will eventually end up on an album, our first full length album since 'Keep Smiling'. It's been awesome to have Micah involved this time and it finally feels like a proper band record and we can't wait to share it.

The Sorry Kisses Cover The Everly Brothers

This is a collection of songs by The Everly Brothers as covered by The Sorry Kisses, in tribute to the recent passing of Phil Everly. 

The Everly Brothers were always a massive influence on the music of myself and Hayley. I had the fortune of seeing them live at Manchester Apollo a few years ago and it was an honour to see the way that they could still perform with effortless skill and integrity.

The sadness brought by the passing of Phil Everly led to myself and Hayley wanting to revisit the great music of the Everly Brothers by covering a few of their songs.

A few disclaimers about this little project just to make sure that nobody gets the wrong idea:

1. We realise the impossibility of trying to even approximate the greatness of The Everly Brothers. They made, in my opinion, the most beautiful music recorded in the last century, and to even get close to the magic of their recordings was an impossible task. So, myself and Hayley gave ourselves twenty four hours to see how many songs of theirs we could learn and cover. We hope you enjoy the results.

2. In no way are we seeking to profit from this. The downloads are for free, and we'd recommend you check out their original recordings to see how great their music was, and still is. In particular if one person reading this could listen to the original Everly Brothers recording of 'Maybe Tomorrow', then our job is done.

Thanks for listening,

Sam and Hayley (The Sorry Kisses)
released 05 January 2014